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Your KEY Warehousing Partner

South California Warehousing and 3PL services, Keystones Fulfillment is the premier South California warehousing services provider. Looking to warehouse California inventory? Weare a full-service Third Party Logistics (3PL) company specializing in eCommerce, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), B2B fulfillment, and more. We provide warehousing within easy reach of Long beach port.

WMS Integrations

We Integrate With All Major Online Sales Channels and Shipping Carriers We connect our WMS direct to your sales channels so when you get a new order.
why choose us

Why Choose Keystones?

South California Smartest
So much of the fulfillment and logistics industry is stuckin antiquated processes and outdated methodologies. Keystones Fulfillment isyour California warehousing partner with a modern approach.
Integrated Client Portal
See a live status of your inventory, shipments, inboundorders, and more. Our software seamlessly integrates with all of your existingsales channels - when an order is placed on your website, eBay, Amazon, or otherchannel we'll get it out to your customers.
High Accuracy
Our focus on technology and commitment to order accuracymeans your customers receive exactly what they ordered.
Clear Communication
We keep you informed of any problems we see with yourproducts as they come in. You can call, text, WhatsApp, or email us and speakto an actual human about any questions or concerns you may have.
Automated Reporting
Easily run custom reports for store inventory management,order trending, and accounting - your business information is kept at yourfingertips

Need a California Warehousing Provider?

South California warehouse service providers are plentiful, but most utilize outdated and error-prone paper processes to fulfill your customers' orders. Keystones Fulfillment is different. We provide advanced WMS system and distinguished processing service.


SQFT of Storage
Our warehouse facility near Los Angeles, California hasample room to support your brand's growth. Whether you need to store 1 pallet,1000 pallets, or more, we can support your storage demands for Californiawarehousing. Need temporary overflow inventory storage, or looking to storeinventory long-term? We do that too!


On-Time Shipment ProcessingMinimize delays with standard same-day order processing.Parcel orders submitted before noon are picked up same day. We have strongrelationships with our carriers, which means your orders ship on time.


FNSKU replaced per monthWe have a leading product sorting system that can process500 SKUs for sorting, scanning, and putting on shelves at the same time. Afterthe goods arrive to our warehouse, will usually be updated to your systemaccount within 48 hours, 200,000 pieces we process per month for Amazon FBAremoval merchandises.

10+ Years

10+ years of professional experience in international logistics and supply chain. To provide you with stable and efficient supply chain services.

Pricing Table

Contact Us for more details about price.


Service                        Unit Price  
Case Inbound      $1.00 / Case    
20ft Container     $450 / Container    
40ft Container     $800 / Container   Pallet Supply        $15 / Pallet    
Pallet Wrap          $5.00 / Pallet


Service                              Unit Price(Month)
Pallet Storage           $20 / 5-ft Pallet
Oversize Storage      $25 / >5-ft Pallet
Bin Storage                $5 /Bin
Cubic Storage*         $0.50 / ft3

*For goods that cannot be easily stored on a pallet, bin, orhanger

Transload Outbound

Service                                      Unit Price
Pallet Outbound            $8.50/ pallet
FNSKU Labels                  $0.50 / Label
FBA Labels                       $1/Label


See what our clients say

Provide incredible service experience for customers in different industry

Logistics Manager
Morus Innovation Hongkong

"Incredible warehousing price"

I've never seen any warehouse in Southern California offer such incredible storage prices, you guys rock!

Warehouse Manager
4PX Express USA

"Efficient communication"

We are tired of communication with other companies by email, only Keystones can meet the instant response as consistent with our requirements.

Soversky USA

“professional on warehousing  but not only PRO on warehousing”

Keystones‘ showroom has played an active role in the development of our brand.

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